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At the Winnershow Hertog van de Franckenahoeve got a disqualification. The judge was very uncertain when approaching the dogs.

At the Dogachtigenshow Hertog van de Franckenahoeve got 3 Excellent in Champion class.
The day before yesterday we lost Kita, she made her own decision luckily. She reached the age of 10,5 years, whereby she let us experience what it is like to raise a litter.

At the clubshow of Mastiff Lovers Association Hertog van de Franckenahoeve got 2 Excellent in Champion class.
Tycho (Bardolynn's Damian) got with his 11 years and 8 months 1 Excellent in the Veteran class.

Today we also got the news that Ivo van de Franckenahoeve is German Champion now, he was already German Youthchampion.
A month has passed by since we had to say farewell to Ursus. Our 'Big Boy' could not continue any longer this way.
He was a big, lovely teddybear. He always had to have something in his mouth when he said hello.
Most of the dogs do not like educating, it is something for the bitches, but Ursus did very well in educating the youngsters at home, only a glance was enough to gain respect, also on the course with younger dogs, who thought they were very cool, they had deeply respect for him.
He did not like the dogshows at all, after he became Dutch Youthchampion, we only took him to the clubshows, because he had such a lovely movement. With only 13 months old he won already 'Best Movement', the following two years he repeated that.

New pictures in Tycho, Jaguar, Fluffy, Litter H, Litter I and Litter K.
At the clubshow of the OEMCN Tycho (Bardolynn's Damian) got in Veteran class, with his 11 years and 4 months old, 1 Excellent, Best Veteran, because of that he did win the Artifex Addendum Trophy for "Best Veteran" and the Sargon Brusse Trophy for "Oldest entered and in the ring present veteran". In the puppy class bitches there were 3 of our offspring: 2Very Promising: Karma van de Franckenahoeve, 3Very Promising: Kirsti van de Franckenahoeve (Fluffy), 4Very Promising: Kiki van de Franckenahoeve.
At the show in Groningen Krato van de Franckenahoeve got in Babyclass 1 Very Promising.
Jaguar van de Franckenahoeve got in Youthclass 2 Very Good.
Kita (Bardolynn's Elanor) went 10 yeras old today. At the pic Kita is on the left and Tycho (11 years) on the right.

Jaguar van de Franckenahoeve got at the show in Eindhoven in Youthclass 3 Excellent.
New pictures from Tycho, Kita, Ursus, Lady, Karhu, Jaguar, Fluffy, Pictures and Litter K.