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About us

Since 1996 we are addicted to the Mastiff. We bought our first brindle Mastiff, soon it was the most fantastic dog we could think of. One of the nice parts of this dog seemed to be in her caracter, what means that one could find it also in other Mastiffs. What makes it that way? For the Mastiff the whole family is important and not alone the one who gives them their food. Every member of the family always gets a greet and Mastiff likes it the most when the whole family is complete.

Our first Mastiff was Alcor, a really big bitch with a weight of 90 kg, this was a good weight for her. For sure one of the biggest bitches one knows. After 2 years she got a playmate, Snoopy, an abricot Mastiff. But Alcor liked it much more to be lazy and she didnít play that much with Snoopy, whereas Snoopy likes to swim and to run after a ball. Because of that we decided to buy a third Mastiff, Mailo, she was fawn. We didnít want that Snoopy should be on her own when Alcor wasnít there anymore. Alcor almost reached 8 years. Then it felt that 2 Mastiffs isnít that much and we missed Alcor very much so we bought a male, Tycho. After that we got another bitch, Kita, there wasnít enough place to breed with her, so we got her, since she was meant to breed with. Well 3 or 4, it doesnít matter. Unfortunately Mailo got ample 5 years and there were 3 left again.

But in February we finally got to the point that Kita could mate with an American male living in Denmark. From this litter only 3 puppies survived and then it is really hard to sell all of them, thus we kept one male (Ursus) and one female (Raika), now we have 5 Mastiffs.

Snoopy became almost 10 years old. We would like to have an abricot bitch again, that is Lento, we imported her from Finland.

From the litter of Raika and Tycho we kept Lady, we were very happy that we kept her, because we lost Raika by eating stones.

After that it was Lento and Ursus their turn for a litter. We kept Karhu, he is a special boy, because he has long hair, a so called fluffy Mastiff. We placed his brother Hertog, that we could show him. He is already Dutch Youthchampion, Dutch Champion and International Champion he also has been placed in the Group twice, a 2nd and 6th place. With this 2nd place he qualified for "Dog of the Year show".

After trying hard, we finally got Lady pregnant, but there was only one, a male. What will you do? Jaguar is his name, now 4 years old, growing up on his own and bottle fed, one can't do anything else than keeping him.

After that, Lento got her last litter, litter K. We kept Kirsti, who we called Fluffy, since she is a fluffy, she was born the 15th of October 2014. She gave us a very nice litter with 9 puppies the 22nd of March 2017, but she didn't wake up. Her heart stopped and her puppies were bottle fed. Of course one stayed with us: Laga.

Meanwhile we have lost Tycho 13 years and 1 month, Kita 10Ĺ years, Ursus 8 years and Fluffy almost 2Ĺ yeras old.

Besides Tycho and Fluffy we also had to say goodbye to Lento and Lady, both had a incurable disease.

Hertog and Karhu, both 6Ĺ years, Jaguar 4 years and Laga 10 months old did remain.

In December 2017 Eliska and Lareyna came to live with us. Two bitches respectively 3 years and 2Ĺ years old, from Czech Republic and France. Because of sad circumstances they had to be replaced, while they were bought to breed with. Since we recently had lost 2 bitches and Laga could have some more education we could give those 2 girls a new home. In the spirit of their previous owners we will try to have soms nice puppies from them.

It is a lovely property which we enjoy very much. They have enough space and are living in the barn, from where they can go inside and outside the whole day and free to go. Meanwhile we have had 16 Mastiffs and all of them were equally beloved. So infectious is a Mastiff.

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