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New video of the dogs, in the snow this time. We got plenty of it this year.
Like last year you can follow the birth of the puppies and when they grow up on the webcam by msn messenger. Add us:

Today was the show in Brussels. Lento got 1 Excellent in intermediate class and went Best Bitch, because of that she got CAC and CACIB.
At the show in Den Bosch, Lento got 1 Excellent in youthclass.
Today we made the echo to see if Raika is pregnant and she is!!! The puppies will be born early in January. If you're interested in a puppy you can contact us.
At the show in Amsterdam Lento got 2 Very Good in youthclass.
At the show in Bleiswijk Lento got 1 Excellent in youthclass, she is now Dutch Youthchampion, She also got CAC and was BOB.

Last week Raika has been mated with Tycho.
At the show in Zwolle Lento got 1 Excellent in youthclass and resCAC.
New pictures in Litter F, Lento and Raika.
At the show in Rotterdam Lento was 1st in youthclass with Very Good.

Femke (First Lady v.d. Franckenahoeve) got 1 Excellent in juniorclass at the Finnish Clubshow and today at the show in Pskov (Rus) she also got 1 Excellent in juniorclass and did compete for Best Junior in Show, Femke won this competition!!

At the show in Berghem Lento was 2nd in youthclass with Excellent and got resCAC.
New pictures Litter F, Ursus and Lento.
At the Dutch Clubmatch Ursus got Very Good in Open class and did compete for Best Movement.
Lento was 2nd in Youthclass with Excellent and she also got resCAC, she did also compete for Best Movement.
Flynn and Floyd were also there, both got Very Good in Youthclass, Floyd did also compete for Best Movement.
Ursus did it again this year, he won 'Best Movement' for the 2nd time.
Today was the show in Arnhem, Lento went 1st in youthclass with Excellent and got resCAC.
New pictures from Ursus, Raika, Lento, Pictures and Litter F.
Today was the clubshow from the Mastiff Club Belgium. Ursus got Excellent in Open Class. Lento was 2nd with an Excellent in Youth Class. Ursus and Lento did also compete in Brace Class, they were 2nd.

New video from Lento who can swim now and want to have the stick before someone else.
Today was the show in Leeuwarden. Lento was in the puppyclass 1st with 'Very Promising' and she went 'Best puppy'.
New pictures of Tycho, Ursus, Raika and Lento. Change in breeding plan: Raika will the next heat be mated with Tycho.
Today we have redone the echo, the vet wasn't sure, another vet was sure now she isn't pregnant.
Raika seems to be pregnant, today we made an echo.
New pictures in Litter F and in Pictures.
Raika has been mated with Hotsand Walker Good King Henry.

A new lay-out, a new video and new pictures in Kita, Ursus, Raika, Lento and litter F.
Ursus and Raika have been X-rayed for their hips and elbows. Ursus: HD A and ED free. Raika: HD B and ED free.
New pictures: Litter F.