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Our "Breeding plan" has been updated. Have a look in "Breeding plan" to see what the combination will be. If you are interested in a puppy from this litter contact us.

Hertog got at the Winner in Amsterdam in Puppyclass 1 Very Promising and went Best Puppy.
New pictures from Hertog and Litter H.
Karhu got at the show in Bleiswijk Promising in Baby class. Noa (Helena vd Franckenahoeve) got Very Promising in Baby class and went Best Baby.
Hertog got at the show in Den Bosch 1 Very Promising in Baby class.
New pictures in Karhu, Litter G and Litter H.
At the show in Zwolle Hertog vd Franckenahoeve got 1 Very Promising in Babyclass and he was also Best Baby.
At the clubmatch of the Mastifflovers Association in Almere the results were:
Ursus (Bardolynn's Waldemar HB) Open class: 3 Excellent,
Willem (Fokke vd Franckenahoeve) Open class: 4 Excellent,
Guusje (Gracia vd Franckenahoeve) Intermediate class: Good,
Lady (Glamour Girl vd Franckenahoeve) Intermediate class: 3 Very Good.
At the Eurodogshow in Leeuwarden Lady got at the National show 2 Very Good in Intermediate class. At the Eurodogshow Lady was disqualified unfortunately.
Today at the show in Rotterdam Lady got 2 Excellent in Intermediate class.

New pictures from Litter H.
Lady (Glamour Girl vd Franckenahoeve) has HD A, ED free and her eyes are tested free for any diseases.
New pictures in Pictures, Ursus, Lady, Karhu, Hertog and Litter H.
New pictures from Karhu, Hertog and Litter H.
The puppies went to their new owners, so it is a bit quiet now. Hurricane van de Franckenahoeve stays with us, his name is Karhu. We placed his brother Hertog van de Franckenahoeve, his name is Hertog. Both have their own page.

New pictures and a video from Week 9 from Litter H.
New Pictures from Litter H.
New Pictures from Litter H.
New pictures and a video from Litter H.
New pictures from Litter H.
New pictures from Litter H.
Today was the Clubmatch of the OEMCN, the results:
Ursus (Bardolynn's Waldemar HB) Open class: 2 Excellent.
Willem (Fokke vd Franckenahoeve) Open class: 3 Excellent.
Guinness (Guinness vd Franckenahoeve) Youthclass: Very Good.
Lady (Glamour Girl vd Franckenahoeve) Youthclass: 4 Very Good.

Beside of that Willem did win this year "Best Movement".
New pictures and video's from Litter H.
New pictures from Litter H.
New pictures from Litter H. The blue girl died unfortunately from peritonitis.
Yesterday the puppies were born, 5 dogs and 3 bitches. Mother and puppies are doing well. The puppies can be followed in 'Pups', 'Litter H'.

Now and then it will be possible to see the puppies by webcam, add to your Msn Messenger.
At the show in Leeuwarden Lady got Good in youthclass.
A better day than Good Friday for an echo cannot be found probably. At the echo we could see clearly that Lento is pregnant. The puppies will be born end of May.
Last week Lento has been bred to Ursus. Late April we'll know if we can expect puppies.
At the show in Fredericia Greiff vd Franckenahoeve got in youthclass 1 Excellent and resCAC. At the show in Groningen Goliath and Glamour Girl vd Franckenahoeve got both Sufficient in youthclass.
New pictures in Litter G, Lady and Pictures.
At the show in Eindhoven Goliath vd Franckenahoeve got 1 Very Good and Guinness vd Franckenahoeve 2 Very Good in youthclass. Lady (Glamour Girl vd Franckenahoeve) also got Very Good in youthclass.
Litter G has its 1st birthday today.