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New pictures: Litter F, Lento and in Pics.

Today was the Winner in Amsterdam, Ursus got Good in Intermediate Class.
Lento's pedigree can be found on her site now.
New pictures of 'litter F'.
New pictures in 'litter of Ursus and Raika', 'litter F', 'pics', 'Raika' and 'Lento'
At the show in Utrecht Raika was 3rd with Very Good in Youthclass.
All puppies have left to the their new owners. We hope they have a lot of fun with their new puppy.
New pictures of the puppies and Ursus.
Lento has her own security.
Lento and Ursus

New puppy pictures.
Tycho became dad. Mum is Hotsand Walker Medea.

New pictures of Lento and the puppies and a video of the puppies.
From this place we want to welcome 'Lento' to our kennel.

New puppy pics are up.

New puppy pics.
Today Tycho was 2nd with Very Good at the show in Zwolle in the Open Class. Raika was 2nd with Very Good in the Youthclass.
New pics and a video of the puppies. Today they went outside for the first time.
At the show in Rotterdam Raika went 3rd with Very Good in the Youthclass, Tycho was 2nd in the Open class with Very Good.
New pics of the puppies.
New pictures and 2 video's of the puppies of litter F. Our 'brown' boy died this week unfortunately.
New puppy pictures of litter F. Unfortunately the 'purple' girl didn't make the first week. The other six are doing well.
Now and then it will be possible to have a look via the webcam, add on msn messenger.
The first pictures of the puppies can be found in Puppy pics, litter F.
The puppies have been born last night. There were 11, whereof 4 stillborn. So 7 are left, 5 boys and 2 girls. Mother and kids are doing well.
We expect the whelping quite soon. To follow the whelping add on msn.

Tycho is tested with the results HD B, ED free, also his eyes and sperm is tested. Tycho is available as studdog.
New pictures in 'Pics', 'Tycho' and 'Ursus'. In 'Dogs' you can find also an 'In memoriam' now. Kita is very pregnant, with a huge tummy, we expect the puppies end of this week.
A new video is up and some new pictures from Kita, Ursus and Raika.
Kita is pregnant! Interested in a pup, contact us.
At the show in Uden Raika was second in youthclass with Excellent and Ursus got Good.

Next week an echo will prove if Kita is pregnant.
Today was the Dutch Clubmatch, Tycho got an Excellent in Open class with 21 entries and he qualified for 'Best movement'. Ursus entered Youthclass with 8 entries, he became 1st with Excellent and he qualified too for 'Best movement', but he won 'Best movement'. Besides this Ursus went also Dutch Youthchampion with this result.
Kita will be mated with Wileyways Conrad next week (site Conrad).

Today we went to the show in Arnhem. Ursus got 1U and resCAC, Raika got 3U.
There is a new category: Video's.
This morning Snoopy left us, next month she should become 10 years old. This were two of her favorite spots. She liked the water very much, when it was warm she went to the water to cool down and to warm up again in the sun. For a long time she was the only one who was swimming for real.

There are some new pics up in Pics from Bonnie, the littersister of Ursus and Raika.
Today we went to the show in Leeuwarden. Kita was 1st with Very Good in the Open Class. Raika was 1st with Excellent, she was the only bitch with Excellent, so she was BOB and got CAC.

Today Ursus and Raika went to the show in Groningen. They did very well. In the youthclass Raika became 1st with Excellent and got ResCAC. In the same class Ursus became also 1st with Excellent, but he also got CAC and went BOB.
There are some more pics up now in Pics, Kita and Ursus.
At the show in Eindhoven today, Raika became 1st in the youthclass with Very Good.
There are some new pics up from Raika and some new ones in 'Pics'.