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New pictures in Litter F and Litter G.

New pictures of Lady and Lento. There is also a new video up.
At the show in Wijchen, Goliath vd Franckenahoeve got 1 Very Good in youthclass. Lady (Glamour Girl vd Franckenahoeve) got in youthclass 1 Excellent and resCAC.
Lady went at the Winner in Amsterdam 2nd in Youthclass with Very Good.
Yesterday evening we lost Raika. After eating stones, which had to be removed, she got complication. She got two more operations, it didn't help her.
She was 3,5 years old, far too young to leave us.

At the show in Bleiswijk Lady (Glamour Girl vd Franckenahoeve) got 1 Very Good in youthclass. Her brothers Goliath and Guinness vd Franckenahoeve also got Very Good, Goliath went 1st and Guinness 2nd in youthclass.

Greiff vd Franckenahoeve got this weekend at the show in Herning (DK) both days 4 Very Good in youthclass.

New pictures in: Lady, Litter F, Litter G and Pictures.
Lady was at the show in Utrecht 1st with Very Good in youthclass.
At the show in Zwolle today Lady (Glamour Girl v.d. Franckenahoeve) got 1Exc and resCAC in youthclass, her brother Bolke (Goliath v.d. Franckenahoeve) was 3rd with Very Good in youthclass.
First Lady v.d Franckenahoeve got at the Finnish clubmatch 2 Excellent in Open class.
Greiff v.d Franckenahoeve went at the Danish clubmatch in Puppyclass 1st with Very Promising and went Best Puppy.
Lento was at the show in Mechelen 2nd with Very Good in Open Class.
New pictures from Litter G.
At the show in Bremen Lento went 1st with Very Good in Open class, there was no BOB since the judge didn't gave Excellent.
New pictures in Litter G and Lady.
Lento went 2nd at the Worlddogshow in Denmark with Excellent in Intermediate class.
Lento had her eyes tested, she is free of eye diseases.
New pictures in: Litter G, Lady, Ursus and in "Pictures".
At the clubmatch of the OEMCN in Tiel got:
Fokke vd Franckenahoeve Excellent in Intermediate class
Floyd vd Franckenahoeve Good in Intermediate class
Lento (Rumblerush's Lento) was disqualified in Intermediate class
Ursus (Bardolynn's Waldemar HB) was 4th with Very Good in Open class and he did win for the 3rd time in a row "Best Movement".
New pictures of Litter F and Litter G.
Lento has HD A and ED free.
'Breeding plan' has been updated. In spring 2011 we will breed Lento and Ursus.
New pictures of Tycho, Kita, Raika, Lento, Lady, Litter G and in Pictures.
First Lady van de Franckenahoeve (Femke) went to a show today, her result in intermediate class: 1 excellent and CAC.
Glamour Girl is now called "Lady" and she will stay here. More can be found at her own site.
New pictures of Litter G.
New puppy pictures. Some more puppies have left us, it is starting to be quiet again.

Two girls are still looking for a new owner, contact us if you are interested.
New puppy pictures and a video. Some puppies have left us this weekend to go to their new owners.
New puppy pictures and a video.
New pictures of the puppies.
New pictures and a video of the puppies.
New pictures Litter F.
New pictures and a video of the puppies.
New pictures of the puppies.
New pictures of the puppies. Their eyes are open, they are getting some teeth already, they walk quite good and started to play with eachother. Today they also got their first meat. Some liked it immediatly and some knew a bit later what is was.

There are still some puppies available. Contact us for more information.
New pictures of the puppies.
New pictures from the puppies. The puppies are growing very well and mother Raika is very good for them.
Pictures from the puppies, you can find them in Pups, litter G.
Yesterday evening Raika got 11 puppies, 4 dogs and 7 bitches.

Like last year it is possible to see the puppies on the webcam during whelping and when they grow up. Add on Msn.